Unclaimed - Sara  Humphreys
I had high hopes for this one, but sadly it just didn't live up to my expectations.
IMO, this one is just an "alright" addition to this series. There are things that you need to know, that are revealed here for future books though. So I wouldn't recommend skipping this one.

I just wish I could have become more invested in the MC's. For me, there just wasn't much chemistry between them, and the dragging out of why the heroine didn't want to be with her destined mate, bored me.

When I met Dominic in book 3, I got the impression his character would have much more fire. And whatever plot would be surrounding him and his mate, would be off the chain.
Again, sadly, it just wasn't.

That being said, I still would recommend this series. It's entertaining, interesting, funny, romantic, and sexy... Most of the time.

Happy Reading :)