Untamed - Sara  Humphreys

Yes this was definitely a "Transition Story" within the series. I didn't care too much for the pairing with Layla and William. They had very few intense or even sweet moments. It just was not enough for me.

This book, as far as the series goes, was a decent addition to it. And towards the end we get the beginnings of what will be the war between the Amoveo and the Purists that reside within their race. Which is good. The ball is finally beginning to roll. Just that the MC's and their obstacles left much to be desired. I like them both individually, just not as a couple. I also felt that Layla was taking too long to get with the program and accept her fate. Which was odd to me considering she's always known what she is. So as far as adjusting to many things, I felt like it should not have taken her as long to do so. Why she kept pulling away to a certain extent, I understood her fear and why, but overall it just didn't warrant all that she did and tried, just to avoid things.

In comparison to the first two novels where both heroines are Hybrids & had no clue what they were and with them having to find that out on top of dealing with a Life Mate, they accepted their fates and who they were with much more ease and grace. Not to mention how quickly they seemed to come around to it. So it made no sense to me for Layla, who has been aware of what she is, and essentially where she came from for the whole of her life; to have such a hard time accepting her fate and place, when she begins to learn the full scope of things. Didn't mesh.
This is why this one was only a 3* read for me.