Duel Review...

Erotic Road Trip Adventures (ASNAD #2) (ASNAD Series) - O.M. Wills

Hubby's take on this one

You did it again, man. And better! I really like how everyone's true natures appear to be coming to the surface. Great character development with everyone. It kept me guessing. The best parts for me were the prologue, Rayya and Karman's first serious deep conversation and Jay and Nate towards the end. Everything they were discussing are things I've thought and felt before. So I can definitely identify with both perspectives there. The bikes, the women, very intriguing. Oddly, sexy as hell. I'm curious.

5 and a half stars. Keep it up =D


As for me, this is pretty much how I feel on the overall story, with a few exceptions. But mainly, I'm still salty about not getting what I wanted in the end. No doubt, this one leaves for many intriguing plots left open, that you will not be able to wait to see how it all turns out, in the next installment. I, we, would definitely recommend this read.

Happy Reading :)