My College Desires (ASNAD Book 1) - O.M. Wills

Okay. Duel review here..

My husband took it upon himself to read this book to me. So his thoughts on the two stories here, are as follows...

I really liked the first story. It reminded me of an experience I had, that I'm sure many men have had at least once or twice before in their lives. Just the vibe of the two people just took me back to a place where everything just seemed to fall into place. Just two young people still learning themselves, sharing with one another the most natural, gratifying, sexual play known to man... 4stars.

"His Dark Secret" 4.5 Stars. This one was my favorite for many reasons. I definitely feel my man here. What drew him to this urge. It's a call that many men feel, and most women don't know about. I love that the author took it there with no apologies. It was raw, honest, and entertaining. You can't get any better than that.


Now, as for me, Nhya, I liked the first book. I thought it was cute & sexy. Simple. To the point.

The second story was a bit deeper as far as desires go. I did love the Hero for his.. Zeal? In getting what he wanted. I love that he loves what he's after more than anything. But because of my own personal reservations with the topic in this one, it just wouldn't allow me to be completely comfortable with some of the things that occurred here. Though I still enjoyed certain aspects of both stories. So my overall rating for the book is 3.5 stars.

If you're looking for a quick, naughty read, that may push a few envelopes, I would certainly recommend this one.

Happy Reading :)