Talon (Ashes & Embers) (Volume 4) - Carian Cole

OMG! I wanna cry so bad.. And I'm trying to hold it in. EVERYTHING about this one, was on point. My heart responded to it all... I don't even think I can articulate my feelings for this one in a way that would do it justice. So, Please just read this one people. And Start at the beginning. I take that back. Start at Lukas' book, like I did, and then go in order. *giggles*

And the real Talon & Asia, actually got a few sobs out of me.

Thanks Carian for penning such a poignant, beautiful story <3

I would recommend this read, this series.

Happy Reading :)

P.S. Hubby read this one with me, and he loved it too :)