Fever (A Songbird Novel Book 1) - Melissa Pearl, Regina Wamba

I liked this one. Alot. It certainly put me out of my "3Star" reading book funk lately. And that's always a welcome thing :)

This was a romantic, sexy read. Some hard truths here but I felt the outcomes were portrayed in a very realistic manner for all parties involved. No fluff, but no overt cruelty either. It was real. And sometimes real isn't always sweet. But that doesn't mean that good things can't come from the bittersweet.

Though I think this was a really good intro to this series, I have no desire to continue on with the other characters' stories. While they were great reading about them here, they didn't really inspire me to read about their own individual stories.

So I would recommend this read. If you read only one book in this series, start here. At the beginning.

Happy Reading :)