Numbers (New Species) - Laurann Dohner

Book #14.. 140's story=4 Stars

I really loved this one from beginning to end. It definitely took me back to my New Species happy place I loved the MC's, their plight, how it all ended. Everything.

Book #15.. 927's story=3.75 Stars

I struggled a bit here with this one. It was good. I just couldn't fully connect with the MC's or their plight. Though heartbreaking, it was just missing something for me. Things improved alot during the middle & towards the end though. So overall it was a decent read. Just not the best for me.

Any New Species fan needs to read these stories though. So I recommend this read. If you're new to the Species clan, I strongly urge you to leave this review, go get book 1, and start from the beginning.
It's a lovely ride.

Happy Reading :)