Absolution (The Keepers of Hell Book 4) - Danielle James, Lisa Miller

This one was awesome too!

Even though this one was definitely a "filler" book. Something used to move major plot happenings along, I still loved it. I wish the romance between the H/h were more fleshed out though. That we got to see & experience their transition from intrigued with one another, to being in like & then finally in love... But the surrounding plots & developments certainly make up for what is lacking with the main couple here. It was still great to watch how the romance & everything connected to it unfolded though.

I've figured out what makes these books so great for me thus far. They're deep enough with the subject matter, light enough for the natural, almost effortless humor that you witness with the characters & relationships. The plots are so well woven & executed. The twists are surprisingly intense. Suspenseful even. And the love. Platonic, romantic, family driven whatever, is heartwarming to see.

Basically I'm saying this is book 4. I've flown through these things and each book, each plot reveal, gets better & better. I can't wait for Book 5 which will be here Nov 1st *fingers crossed*

If any of this was lost on you, I'm saying I HIGHLY recommend this series. Read it. Must be read in order.

Happy Reading :)