I wrote this on May 28th 2010 and came across it again today.. #Truth



"I want to give you my name. Cover you. Protect and Provide for you... Love YOU. Just say yes. Say you will marry me. Spend the rest of your life with me & I promise you, I will spend the rest of mine making sure you KNOW that you made the right choice."

-WOW! I woke up this morning with these words in my head and I thought, what woman worth her salt does not want to hear these words spoken to her? Coming from the man she loves and knows with every fiber of her being that he means what he says and says what he means. How does she know this? Because his actions have always, ALWAYS backed up what he says. And although the moment passes, the PROMISE & the WILL behind this promise remains...

He's far from perfect but he's perfect for her. He has already protected her from so much. The little and big things. He has never spoken ill of her in front of or to others who would have most likely misunderstood her or her actions or would have been careless/harmful with their perceptions of her, because they do not know her intimately. Not as he does. Even if he himself does not always understand her. He makes it a point to learn it from her. And he makes it his mission for her to learn him. He would never bring up in mixed company things that she has shared with him in confidence whether it occurred years before they met or whether it happened between them. Her Safety, Security, TRUST, Respect, Emotional & Physical well being is held in the highest esteem above ALL others. She comes first. Even before their children and his family. She's held only 2nd to God.

This is just part of what it means to protect her, to respect her, to honor her the way God requires. When the right woman knows without a shadow of a doubt she holds this place in her man's life, she has absolutely no problem with giving him what he needs.(If he shares with her what he needs & what he wants). Giving to him of herself what God requires. Without reservations and without resentment. Both are able to share, give, & receive with open and clear hearts. With the freedom & trust to be themselves. Two individuals merging as one. Protecting, clothing one another with their strengths and giving CONFIDENCE to one another in their weaknesses. A strong foundation such as this is so important. And must remain.

So I say to you my Sisters and Brothers in Christ, NEVER settle for Less! Choose to be alone rather than be with someone for the wrong reasons or out of fear of being alone. When it all comes out in the fire, and it will, you will know that you made the right choice...