8 Mile & Rion - K.S. Adkins


I'm really surprised I finished this book. Maybe it's because of the plot. I could see where the author was trying to go. And even appreciate & understand it. But the execution of all these things just didn't work for me.

Mainly it was the way too much back & forth with the MCs over the course of this novel, went. It was more irritating than endearing to watch unfold. And it painted the picture of the heroine either being too stupid, or her just enjoying being toyed with emotionally or both. While painting the hero as someone who whines more like a b&tch, rather than growls like the Alpha he's trying to be portrayed as.

The Love Triangle that comes late in the game, didn't help this story either. And it comes completely out of left field too. Because of the way you've gotten to know the characters & their interactions with each other, it made it seem off & not organic at all. So this aspect of the plot serves as more of a pointless hook/migraine in the midst of all the other contrivances & back & forths you're already dealing with.

The secondary plot, though it had a few surprising twists, still came off as weak overall. And again, the execution of all of this & how it comes to a close, ends with a fizzle rather than a bang. Not to mention quite a few grammar mistakes here & missing words that causes you to have to re-read something twice to make sure you read it right. So it kind of throws you out of the flow of a scene sometimes.

All of this just couldn't get me to fall in love with the characters or their plights. So this one was definitely a miss for me.

No. I would not recommend this read.