Storm (Ashes & Embers Book 1) - Rogena Mitchell-Jones, Kari Ayasha

Now this one started off rather bumpy for me. I was not feeling the heroine, Evelyn AT. ALL.. She worked my nerves something terrible. I was praying this got better cos she just came off as really judgmental & way too naive. Qualities I HATE to see in a lead heroine. But she wasn't naive in a clueless way. I think I could have dealt with that better.

She was more naive in like a I've chosen to bury my common sense & instincts in the sand for the sake of my sanity. And though you've actually lived & experienced more than me, you still don't know more than me- type of way.

Yeah. Nerve. Wrecking.

But thankfully by the 45% mark she got way more tolerable to me. And eventually I came to respect & really like her. It was at this point that the story started to move along & actually take shape as well. And her interactions with Storm were way more interesting. Entertaining, sexy & heartfelt.

Storm I must admit, is a sweetheart. A sexy sweetheart. I do so love him. And I felt for him. He broke my heart & caused me to cheer for the sheer strength in him when it came to battling his demons. Allowing himself to feel, love, & grow. It was beautiful.

But like I said in my review for Lukas No one else in this series will EVER capture & hold my heart like Lukas does. He's ruined me for any other guy here! LOL

So I was on the fence about reading book 2. After reading book 3 first, and now book 1, I think I must now give Vandal's story a try.

Though I've read these out of sequence, I do think this book was a decent intro to this series. So based on books 3 & 1 alone, I would recommend this series.

Happy Reading :)