DNF No Rating....

A Kingpin Love Affair (The Complete Series 1-5) Boxed Set - J.L. Beck

I just couldn't continue on with this. There was just nothing here that truly grabbed me, or managed to hold my attention for long with these stories or characters.

I'm honestly surprised I read for as long as I did. I finally decided to just stop in the middle of the 3rd book of this 5 volume book series.

So I don't see myself returning here.

I'm just glad this set only cost me $1.00.

Basically I wasn't feeling the simpleton approach here. Given the circumstances & what is occurring with these people. How dangerous things are, they were resolved in a very easy way. Even with how things played out. This approach/resolution just didn't match the circumstances & reasons of why we're witnessing certain things. I just couldn't believe it or could I get behind it.

And the fact that the characters didn't really inspire me to care about them or their plights, didn't help either.