Lukas (Ashes & Embers Book 3) - Carian Cole

I love Lukas!!!

And I love his story. This is the first book of the series I've read, and I'm seriously contemplating going back for books 1&2. But I'm afraid, for some reason, that they'll take away the magic for me with this book. This must be a sign that I'm kind of over reading entire series'. I've noticed this about my reading habits this past year. Tired of being let down I guess or things changing/going in directions I'm not happy about when it comes to investing in a series.

But though "Lukas" is the third book in this series, it can definitely be read as a standalone. It still may cause you, like it has me, to want to get invested in other characters you meet here that have already had their stories told.

Now, what I love about this book is how this story, it just touched me. It was very heartbreakingly realistic, but beautiful, in many ways. When it came to Ivy and her situation. How she meets & eventually falls into like & love with Lukas.

Lukas and the complicated, yet so simple things that make him who he is. How you see and believe, "Yeah, these two could really love each other"

I have to say Lukas really did it for me. He is only the 3rd Alpha/Beta male that I've had the pleasure of reading and truly loving everything about. In my experience in reading, many authors can't write this type of male and keep him likable, lovable, & irresistible all at once. You either get a male that's just way too hard, (which sometimes I must admit, totally works for me) or you get a male way too soft (which most times, doesn't work for me at all) Lukas is that rare combo of the two and it just works. Totally. His character traits, personality, quirks, actions and reactions all remain consistent, and totally undeniably sweet and hot through out this entire story.

There were things here that didn't quite sit well for me. Like the introduction to major things, and then hardly any follow up or details about them later. And I mean MAJOR plot happenings. I'm not sure if these things will be addressed in later books, or have been told in greater detail in earlier books, but I didn't like how they're introduced here, then completely glossed over.
That didn't work for me.

I wasn't too crazy about this ending. Given how everything came about, the ending felt way rushed for me. And once again a major reveal happened right before the ending, but the details for it were glossed over in the Epilogue. So this is why I couldn't give this one 5 stars *shrugs*

Verdict- Overall I love this story. I love the characters, their plights, and how they managed to just suck me into their worlds. So I definitely see myself checking out the other books in this series.
All because of you, Lukas *sighs*

If this was lost on you, yes, I highly recommend this read.

Happy Reading :)