Abuse - Nikki Sex, S.H. Beans

Solid 3.5 Stars

Okay, this one started off really well. And for majority of the book actually. I loved how the facts, the clinical facts of Abuse in all forms, how it affects its victims is explained here. The emotional & just gut wrenching events were well written too.

What I have a problem with his how quickly, and I mean quickly the hero & heroine claim to love & be in love with one another after just one day.

Now I have no problems, usually, with insta love. It all depends on how it's delivered. But given the circumstances of both parties involved here, their own personal demons in the aftermath of the wrongs done to them, I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe they could recognize love in one another so quickly & with so little interaction before hand. I believe the intensity, the lust, all that to be there. But the love? NO. Not so soon.

And I also hate how this one was so rushed to come to a close. And it comes with a cliffy. But the way the story is written, how things unfold, you know it's coming long before it happens. So I can't say the "cliffy" was a cruel shock or even unexpected, like some claim it to be.


But how you get from point A, B, and finally C, comes in just the last 2 chapters. So it makes it all feel choppy & rushed. Didn't like that. Almost like the author got tired of writing the story and just wanted to hurry up and finish it.

So this is why this read wound up with the 3.5 star rating and not the 5 star I saw it getting for majority of the story.

But there were many interesting elements here that I love. So I do plan to continue this series. I have to know how things turn out.

I would recommend this read. It's certainly not what you'd expect. And for the most part, that's a good thing.

Happy Reading :)