Escorted - Claire Kent

Solid 3.5 Stars

Okay... So my feels are kind of all over the place with this one.
On the one hand I kind of struggled a bit with the plot. What caused these two to come together in the first place and what follows as a result of that, for the first half of the book.

Then something happens at the midway mark. I don't know. These characters become real somehow, to me. Especially the Hero. I only wish that we were able to get a few snippets of his POV as well. We never do. But we get good insight into what he's thinking or feeling through the herione's POV. So I could live with this.

The further this story progresses, the better certain aspects become. There were a few times that I thought other things would have great conclusions since they were being revealed in degrees. And they were very interesting and at times heartbreaking. But sadly, nothing ever really came of these revelations. So that's a bummer for me.

This was an alright read. I would recommend it, but, I wasn't in love with this one. Many things were up & down here for me.
But nonetheless, it was still a hot read.

Happy Reading :)