BWWM Romance: Crossing The Line: Interracial Romance / Wealthy Love Interest - Aisha M. Taylor

Okay.. How this book ever averaged an overall 4 star rating, is beyond me.

Yes, it has some hot factor. But those moments in between all the madness just isn't enough to make up for this. Many things, especially in the beginning, were choppy & rushed. Soon as things start to find their stride a bit with the story, other things come into play, MANY other things, that derail it.

I'll admit, I love Virgil. He was fleshed out well. Even the surrounding plots & people involved had sparks of life & interest. No doubt things were intriguing and that's honestly what kept me reading. But bottom line, this story had many avenues in the forefront. All of them great, but no real path in mind of where the story wanted to go. So it felt like a jumbled mess of weird, off the wall madness. Especially the way certain reveals came about. Some of them major & then they were just left there. Hanging. Like an after thought. And that's what ruined this one for me.

Plus, there's a plot hole here that truly bugs me because it's something that should have been caught during a beta read, because it's something to do with the moving of the plot.

I can't really give explicit meaning to this critique without ruining the plot(s) here. So if you still are curious, go for it.
But I personally wouldn't recommend this read