Incandescent: Knights Rebels MC (Volume 1) - River Savage

With the exception of this gripe..

"What is the deal with all these novels in this genre where majority of the time, the Hero's ex is also a crappy mother to their kids? What? It's not bad enough that she was a crappy mate which led to their broken home in the first place? And if she is a great mom, she's almost always a deceased mom. Just wondering why this seems to be the norm with these types of books. #NotOriginalAtAll

Just really tired of seeing this played out trope with these novels when it comes to conflict between the Hero, his ex, & his current love. Now some authors can write this well, but more often than not, it's a bust. The fact that I see it in like 90% of the books in this genre, doesn't help my lack of tolerance for it either. So because of this, I couldn't give this one 5 stars like I wanted.

Aside from all that this was a great read though. I loved Nix and his cocky attitude. The man has a mouth on him that had me looking like a tomato too. But he's a man's man. I love that about him. I love that he goes for his with no apologies. No drama of holding back etc.. You always know where you stand with a guy like Nix.
I love the relationshp he has with his son as well. They had some tender moments & I enjoyed watching those unfold.

I do like Kadence I think she was a great match for Nix.
And though I hate the contrived events that led to these tender moments, I did enjoy watching her grow closer to Nix's son, Zayden

The story surrounding these characters were interesting too. Nothing too different from other things you may have read in this genre, but still entertaining, and at times suspenseful.

BUT, I didn't like how the climax of the surrounding plot unfolded. That was kind of a bummer in how it was relayed/shown. Or not shown I should say.

Overall I do like this 1st book to this series and I would recommend it.

I do have plans to continue on with the others books in this series as well.

Happy Reading :)