TAKING THE FALL - The Complete Series: Part One, Part, Two, Part Three & Part Four - Alexa Riley, Aquila Editing, Mayhem Cover Creations

Overall rating: 2.5 stars

Okay.. To be fair to this 4 Volume Set, I decided to rate each volume accordingly & round the stars out later...

Keep in mind that these volumes are very brief. Some are as short as 4 or 5 chapters. Some are 7 or 8 chapters with a Prologue & Epilogue attached. But none go above 8 chapters. So again they are very brief. Especially volume 1. So if you're looking to try this series after reading this review, I strongly suggest that you go with the box set. It's the better deal for your money.

Volume#1: 1 Star

This one started out really well with the Prologue & 1st chapter. You have the intrigue the mystery, and that hook that grabs you and says You're gonna want to stick around to read this one. Especially when it came to Carter & Cherry. You just had to know what their deal was & why they are at the places they are in their lives, when you meet them.

Sadly once you reach chapter two in volume 1, this fact immediately flies out the window. And unfortunately, the writing, the chemistry, the development of the MC's never shows any layers or true life to it. The editing definitely needs to be updated. Not many spelling errors, but there were several times that the chapters are mislabeled as to whose POV you're actually reading. It will throw you off most definitely. So that needs to be fixed.

The only people who got & kept my interest as these stories progressed, were the secondary characters. Saint & Jeanette. They are very present during the 1st 3 volumes, but you'll get to them & their story in the final volume of this box set.

Volume#2: 2 Stars

Volume#3: 2 Stars

Volume#4: 3.5 Stars
This is the one that gives you the story of Saint & Jeanette.
I have to say all the things you suffer through with Volumes 1-3 are not present here. The writing is tighter. And though it's brief, you get alot of back story with these two characters. They are written with heart, soul, & white hot chemistry. And I liked the way their story is brought to a close as well.

And Saint? My GOODNESS!! I've NEVER met a man so masculine, alpha, & so submissive all at once. It was hot. A great change up. And one that I can't really put into words for describing. You'll just have to read him.
But he's the business ;) I really liked this one. I just wish that their story could have been a bit longer, or honestly, I just wish that Saint & Jeanette were the focus of the first 3 volumes and not Carter & Cherry

Would have made this box set a whole lot better.

So I am glad that I stuck it out to get to their (Saint & Jeanette's) story. The catch though, is to truly understand their story, I feel you have to get through the 1st 3 volumes.

So.. Volume 4, THE BEST BOOK out of this series.

If you're still curious about these books, again, I suggest you buy the 4 book set, or better yet, borrow them. But don't buy them separately. They're too brief.

Happy Reading :)