Three - Twyla Turner

Okay.. So I truly love this story..

I must admit it started off quite intriguing, interesting. Then immediately, it went into some lackluster territory for me. I wasn't feeling the characters or anything really. But then by the 20-25% mark something happened. I'm not sure what, but things became a lot more interesting. Deeper. Emotionally gripping, all of it. Everything I hope to find in a story with a subject matter like this, was present.
And I'm tickle pink :D

This one was one of those rare, but great onions of the fiction world. The layers here, the more they were pulled back, became even more complex. Vivid. And beautiful. The ups & downs you witness here, I loved. I truly fell in love with these people.Jackson, Xander, & Simone just stole my heart. I love them together & as individuals. Their chemistry. Emotional & physical. Their banter as well. Though I must be honest here, I love Jackson more than any of them. *sighs* That man can get it. ALL OF IT!

And even though the story surrounding them was quite predictable in many ways, it didn't take away from you loving to watch it unfold. I think it all came together beautifully. And I truly, truly loved the way this one ended. Though I was sad to see it come to a close, I was happy with it all.

I would definitely recommend this read.

Twyla, thank you for the gift of penning this story. It made my week :D