Healed (Damaged Souls Book 3) - Twyla Turner


I don't ever recall this happening to me before in the past, but every book in this trilogy has been a consistent 6* read for me.

I loved going on this journey with Sloan & Alexis
I have cried so hard. Happy & sad tears. I have blushed beyond the color of a tomato, several times. But no matter how heartbreaking certain aspects of this journey has been, I've always walked away with nothing but hope that things would right themselves.

This journey/trilogy truly is awesome.

Beyond Beautiful. Just a truly, truly, touching, real, erotic & emotionally gripping tale about Hope. Hopelessness, faith, enduring, redemption, healing, & forgiveness.

Please read this trilogy. It is beyond all the expectations I had going into it. I HIGHLY recommend all 3 books.

Happy Reading :)