The Shadows - J.R. Ward

I'm experiencing way too many emotions right now to be able to articulate just what I feel for this story. So my review will come upon my re-read of this book...
As you can see from my rating, I did love this one though..



..... Okay. So I've taken my sweet time for writing this review. I'm gonna try to articulate my feels for this book...

FINALLY I could say..
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again, when it comes to a BDB book.

I've been wanting the Shadows' story since I've been introduced to them so I was happy they finally got a book. What I was scared about, was that the past few books from the BDB have left me wanting in some major way. Even though I may have loved certain aspects, there would still be things that just overall, didn't sit well with me with the last few installments here. So The Shadows book was my make or break book for this series. Yes, as much as I love the BDB I was prepared to walk away after this one....

So imagine my surprise when it all, for some bizarre reason, came together beautifully. Even the things that were hard points for me, I got. I understood. And I was able to accept without feeling bitter about it. Weird I know. But hey, SO HAPPY I don't have to walk away right now.

This story of Trez & iAm IMO, was a long time coming. It was executed beautifully. I got the old feel from the earlier BDB novels here as well. I felt like I was back in the single digit novels. The emotion, the action,(though small here) was still intense for me.

We get a beautiful re-visit from my baby Rhage.
Some may feel his POV was misplaced in comparison to Tohr, but I feel it was perfectly placed given Rhage & Mary's VERY similar situation to Trez & Selena's. I got all the points behind why Rhage felt so strongly here. It all makes sense. Though I do have concernes where Ward is going considering Rhage is to be the topic for the next book, I have faith it will come out in the wash clearly when we get there.

Xcor & Layla WOW. These two, I REALLY can't wait for their book. I've been dying for their story for a LONG time. I'm ready. I honestly feel like the next book will be central to Rhage & Xcor It makes sense. We're gonna need more set up for Xcor considering where things were left with he & Layla
I personally can't wait.

Wrath as always, put it down here. Once again proving why he's worthy of the title "King"

Throe What the hell is he up to? No good. That's for sure. I just want to punch him in the N@%! With a bat.

Can you believe it? Assail's presence didn't even bother me here. Probably because it was small. But what we got fit within the overall plot as well. So I was pleased. Everything in this book just flowed. Every POV had purpose. Nothing felt out of place with this one.

s'Ex I was VERY surprised & taken with the amount of emotion his character actually evoked within me. I am eager to see if Ward will continue to expound more, somehow, on his character.
His situations & reactions to them really touched me. I shed tears for him.

iAm What can I say? THIS is how I feel about everything that occurred with him..
photo 9723188_zps4d120e32.gif
Though this route was very much predicted by me & many others, I was still very please with how it all played out.

We meet Paradise & Craeg here, who will be the focus of the 1st book in the "Legacy" Spin Off series for the BDB. At first I must admit I wasn't over the moon for these two. I was only prepared to read their book because Butch (my baby) will also be the focus there as well. But I must admit upon meeting these two here in the Shadows, I'm very intrigued & eager to see how things play out for them in this world. I really liked Paradise & Craeg certainly has my attention.

Now Back to Trez & Selena
Now many of you, I'm sure, know how this goes. Many of you even spoiled it for yourselves & decided to not read the book because of it. I understand your choice. I really do. But I still think you missed out on a great story.

So for those of you who still have no clue how things go here, I will not post spoilers.

I will say theirs'(Trez & Selena) was a very beautiful, emotionally intense journey & outcome. I so wish things could have played out differently with certain turns, but I got why they took the road they did. So for me, it was a VERY bittersweet ending for these two, but it made sense in a way that I can live with & appreciate it for what it is & why.

All in all
I felt that Ward brought her game back to the table with this book. I truly loved every aspect of this story. The whole year waiting for this book was well worth the wait for me.
So yes, I would HIGHLY recommend this read.

If you are one who has not read the BDB yet, please note you CANNOT read any book in this series out of order. You'll be lost & miss out on the great journey it takes.
Please start at the beginning.

Happy Reading :)