Lead - Kylie Scott

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I think overall... I hated this one. Cos it was such a HUGE pointless thing. Very disappointing. At the end of the day I stilldidn't care about Jimmy. I may loathe him less, but my feelings I had from the beginning of this series about him, hasn't really changed.

And I truly failed to see what was so great or inspiring aboutLena. She wasn't weak, but she didn't really exude all this"Inner strength take no prisoners" vibe, that everyone claims she did when it came to Jimmy, either.

She was always in her head on constant repeat about her undying love for Jimmy. How hot he was etc.. It was nerve wrecking to keep reading that over & over again for me. And that's the majority of the book. It was a lot less dialogue & more monologue in this book than the 1st two books. The monologues here were long winded & repetitive. And the dialogues, what little you got, wasn't much better. And keep in mind everything is in the female's POV so this way of "Thinking" to oneself, drove me bonkers.

It got 2 stars cos of the 1st 14%. But everything else just sucked for me. So I wouldn't recommend this read. I won't be finishing this series.

Just as I suspected from the beginning, for me at least, David & his book "Lick" is the best book here.