Impossibly - Colleen Masters


Overall this one was just a big disappointment. It started off well. Intruiguing & interesting characters. But by the 12th chapter I was just hoping that you got back to or deeper into, Declan's mind. The only time you see things from his POV is the prologue. The rest of the novel is in Kassie's POV. And I have to be honest, by the 6th or 7th chapter, her voice just served in irritating me. I felt like at this point you got to know her well enough. You understood her place, so you needed to get back to Declan. Just so that this book held a sense of balance when it came to who was speaking & revealing things about themselves & what they felt in certain situations. And on this front this book was just all over the place. First you get the prologue. And this kind of starts out in Declan's POV but then it's also told in 3rd person. Then for the rest of the novel all you get is Kassie's POV. Then the Epilogue you get in 3rd person again. So it doesn't really flow. There is no real balance here for the whole of the novel. And how the plot was executed left me wanting as well.

I needed more of Declan's thoughts, what he was doing when he wasn't around her or even when he was with her. Just a deeper insight into him and the point of him making the choices that he does. You don't get any of that through out this novel. All of his reasons were revealed at the very end so this served in making everything feel like a rushed & simple closing. Didn't like that at all.

And I was hoping that since this is marketed as an MC Novel, that we actually GOT an MC novel. But you don't get that either.

Declan has his hands in so many pots, has so many faces, that it just came off as completely unbelievable. He had an abusive father & by extension, mother. He grew up hard & basically had to take care of himself since 16. He's been to jail or was on his way to jail by getting caught doing something illegal. He served in the military as a Naval Seal. Got into semi-pro boxing & also underground illegal circuit of fighting and dabbled in a bit of Modeling it seems & he's great with money. Great with investments etc.. rubs elbows with not only the gritty parts of society but also the Elite. The extremely rich. And has no problems whatsoever wearing all these hats when he has to. And he's remarkable at keeping these many lives he has separate from one another. Oh! and he's in an MC Club. See what I mean? Way too much going on here. Way too much going on, without the author giving us just a little bit more into his own mind, I think.

He was this well rounded/accomplished business savvy man in many ways yet he's still completely jacked up & his club is still in the financial ruin that it is in. And he couldn't get them out without having to do what he was going to have to do? The type of man we are told Declan is & what he's experienced through life, didn't seem like he would allow himself to be put under another person's thumb like that. Just didn't mesh. On top of that, you're in this dark world, you have seen first hand because of all your "experience", from a child on up; the dark side of this. Yet you completely underestimate your foe? You think it's just gonna blow over Declan? Really? You didn't think that by backing out of something so major, that that wouldn't have MAJOR consequences? Yeah..

So this one just was not executed well at all on many fronts.

The club was just filler, really. So you don't get an MC vibe with this novel at all. You're just told he's in a biker club, you see them a few times, but that's it. But then again, this could also be cos he was just the Treasurer for the club. He wasn't the President, VP, or even the Sergent at Arms. So maybe this is why in many aspects, the Club was just an added element to this story. Which is fine, but if that's the case then again, it should have not been marketed as an MC Novel. Cos by all accounts, it's NOT an MC Novel.

Basically everything that was meant to be deep, dark, & poignant about this book, was just left on the surface. So this one missed the mark for me.

I would not recommend this read.