Savaged - Shay Savage

Loved this brief compilation here by Ms. Savage.

Honestly there was just one story I didn't like at all. The others were definitely on point. Unique & gripping. Nonetheless, I couldn't be moved from my Kindle. So I will rate them accordingly.

"Same Time Tomorrow"
4 Stars- This was the shortest one here I believe. All I can say is, how can a transaction as cold as what occurred here, be so dang hot?! ;)

"Cleansing Bonds"
5 Stars- I have to say this one is by far the best story in this book. It had the right amount of back story for such a brief read. Intriguing characters, circumstances surrounding those characters that just tug at your heart. And beyond intense emotional & physical chemistry here. I totally fell in love withPaul & Yvette was such a sweetheart. She was perfect for him. Great story.

1 Star- I did not like this one at all. I have to say I was truly hoping for this one to go a different way. Especially when you witness how it all starts. When it was clear where this particular story was going, it just fell way flat for me. Silver lining? It's not very long at all :)

"Want No More"
4 Stars- I really liked this one. It was a nice change up since it's strictly in the female's POV, but it was an interesting tale. And quite sexy.

"What I Want"
4.5 Stars- Liked this one even better. Considering it's the same story as the one above,(Want No More) it's just in Adam'sPOV. Buuut you get answers in this one that you didn't get in the 1st story. So I could appreciate that. Plus being in Adam's mind, for me at least, made the experience that much more richer. So I really liked this one.

All in all this was a good book of shorts with the exception of one. I would definitely recommend this read. Come on, it's Ms. Savage after all ;)