Eluded - Lyra Parish

How can a book start out with SO MUCH PROMISE, and then end on the note that it did?

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I just don't get it. The 1st half of this book was very interesting. It had great set up for the characters, what was going on in their worlds as individuals, but it also had a great underlying tone. One that left the impression that this book is not only going to take you through the rabbit hole, but it's going to show you some new things as well.

But sadly it doesn't. By the the time you get to the half way mark, you realize this. You realize that all the dark, dangerous, but undeniable pull of all the depravity that's happening, never really has a point to it. And never really goes anywhere. It's just there to be there. So once you get in the second half of the story, everything turns into these simple, easily worked out solutions, in spite of all that you've witnessed occurring up to this point.

The fact that Lauren's POV/inner monologue begins to dominate when things appear to be coming to a close, was a bad thing. Cos what she says & does for the most part, are not only irritating & TSTL moves, but her whole perspective seems to take on a very "Simpleton" type of tone. It doesn't represent at all, what a young woman in her situation and all the things she has endured thus far, would really do, think or feel. IMO. So this is what turned me off to Lauren eventually.

Then we have our "Dark Anti-Hero" Abbot, who let's face it, is crazy. But you do have an extreme amount of sympathy for him as you're getting to know him, until his POV all but disappears. And by the very end of the book he seems nothing more than a cookie cutter poor substitute, compared to any other Kick-A** anti hero you've read before.

Finally there is our really crazy, deranged "Bad Boy" Derrick.Who I will admit, during the 1st half of this book scared the crap out of me. Had me wanting to know why he is the way he is and WTH could have happened to such a beautiful man, & turned him into the monster before me. I actually had more sympathy & pull for him, than I did Abbot. But sadly as his motives/actions/purpose began to be revealed, alongside such a lackluster attempt at the execution of the happenings surrounding all these characters & the characters themselves, I lost complete interest and was very disappointed with how it all played out and why. It was just a big blob of pointless to me. Even the things that were revealed that was supposed to cause an "OMG! NO!" reaction, still left me like this...
photo 765323_zps6fa3d7d2.gif

So, no I didn't like this book at all. And even though the 1st half had me going crazy & riveted, the 2nd half completely ruined it to the point where I couldn't give this one more than one star.

No, I would not recommend this read.